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Toby Sturges Circuit Training

Toby Sturges of Genesis X Fitness will be teaching a circut training class on Mondays at 12:00 p.m.; additional times may be available by contacting Toby through Symmetry Chicago. Payment of $15.00 per class/session is due to Toby prior to class time. Create an account to view the schedule today!


Learn What Every Trainer Should Know!

Learn What Every Trainer Should Know!

Give yourself knowledge to program yourself.

Coming to Symmetry Chicago, the first class of its kind.

Symmetry Owner, Michael Schwartz, will bring fitness programming to the general population (not just trainers) over the course of 4 evening weekly sessions. Learn exercise programming and analysis with teachings to include principles of loading of the body:

- forces within the body

- forces outside the body

Classes will include information on joint mechanics.

Common questions to be addressed include the standard how many?; how often?; and how much? This class is designed to provide students with the ability to program themselves and analyze exercises to assess risk and benefit.